Friday, June 12, 2009

Parthenon Place, Luxurious Residence in Vancouver

Dubbed the Parthenon Place (like it has anything to do with the Parthenon), upon a first glance this luxurious house manages to stun with the lavish scenery that surrounds it. Then, as you dwelve in, you get to see an outdoor pool, an exclusive waterfront park with a private beach and playing field for children and a beautiful interior to match the style and elegance of its exterior. The “piece de la resistance” however, is the conservatory (yet modern) living room that features large windows (stunning views) and mild colored furniture. Defined by coziness and comfort, the Parthenon Place is definitely a dream home in the true meaning of the word …

Echo Modern Night Stand by Michael Rall

Designed by Michael Rall the Echo Night Stand is a modern piece of furniture that gives you the illusion of floating furniture or appears to stand only on one leg. Echo’s form created the opportunity for a balance between both private and public storage. The open area is meant to store your latest magazine or that book you cannot put down. LG Hi-Macs have been used to give the product a smooth graceful curve shape and provided a suitable color palette for any environment. Echo can be installed on the wall simply by mounting a metal bracket and sliding it into the exact position. When installed, the open area of this nightstand faces the user’s bed allowing more convenience and functionality.

Bathroom Vanity Inspiration : Stylish Contemporary Bathroom Vanities

A few months ago we wrote a guide called “How to pick out the most appropriate bathroom vanity“, where we shared a few tips on how you can pick the best bathroom vanity for your bathroom. Today while I was searching for new materials to post on Freshome I’ve stumbled upon a website called Quality Bath, a place where you can find everything you want for your bathroom. Whether you are remodeling your bathroom, building a new home, or want to make a simple change to your bathroom design they have something for you. Here on Freshome as you might saw we focus mostly on modern and contemporary designs, and that’s why today I’ve decided to present a few contemporary vanity designs from the Italbrass collection found on Quality Bath. These contemporary bathroom vanities are perfect for the forward-thinking individual as they provide one-of-a-kind style and appeal. Now let’s take a look at some pictures with a few very cool looking bathroom vanities …for more visit Quality Bath.

House of Georg Spreng by C18 Architects

Jewelry designer Georg Spreng have commissioned the creative folks from C18 Architects (Marcus Kaestle, Andreas Ocker and Michel Roeder) to build him a house in Wissgoldingen, Southern Germany, near Stuttgart. An amazing dream project that covers a total area of 2,043 sqm, on a first glance the cubic shape charms with its glamorous white square tiles on the facade. With stylish sliding curtains, a chic pool, highly modern furniture, large windows and scenic views, Georg Spreng House embodies the jeweler’s philosophy at its best. It’s an architectural brilliant …

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

6 Rooms Apartment Squeezed into 60 sq. meters by h2o architectes

The “Front and back” Apartment was a singular brief from a young Parisian advertising executive also avid collector of comic strips. He wished to live in a fresh environment, both serene and sparkling despite the fact that his existing space was dilapidated, its geometry confusing, compartmentalized and contorted. The original apartment consisted of 6 rooms squeezed into 60 sq. meters, the entry space alone was 5 sq. meters and had 7 different doors! The new design offers a continuous wide open space which expands, becomes more complex or dense depending on orientations and uses.

These variances are defined by the variable geometries and the usable thickness of the casework and walls. A study on sculpting these depths allowed to create a variety of cavities, niches and alcoves. The sculpted shapes vary in size and colours to adapt to multiple functions in different locations. They can harbour either the vast collection of comic strips or a bar, a bathroom, a closet, and so on. The front side of each shape always maintains its negative volume on the back. Behind the scenes can unveiled new uses taking place like cupboards, a desk, video, shelves, etc. In this manner, the apartment is continuously renewed and cross-views can become through-views. This project is the work of h2o architectes, an office of creative architectural design also specializing in the restoration of ancient monuments.

Holley House by Hanrahan Meyers Architects

Designed by Hanrahan Meyers Architects, the Holley House in Garrison, New York, is a sophisticated “sanctuary” nestled far away from the Manhattan lofts. Located on a picturesque site near Garrison, the exquisite residence personifies the modern country retreat. It’s made from locally quarried stone, has two parallel planes that slide past one another without any visual interruption. With almost every room given direct access to the outside, contemporary furnishings and a beautiful surrounding environment for solitude, quietness, and privacy, the Holley House is a anti-urban oasis in a world of speed.