Thursday, May 28, 2009

HI-CAN: last generation bed presented at Out of Salone in Milan

We are glad to announce you that the product has been presented for the first time to the public during the Design Week in Milan, from April 20th to 26th. High technology and elegance are finely matched in a bed that represents a new concept of comfort and relaxation. Hi-Can invited the visitors of Milano design week to experience the highest idea of bed ever, within the exceptional ‘Design Set’ background. Visitors felt like involved in a film set: a domestic setting characterized by innovation into the fascinating context of former warehouses of the Castello Sforzesco in Milan.

Hi-Can stands for High fidelity Canopy, suggesting a new and contemporary interpretation of the canopy classic bed that recreates our most intimate and protective space inside the bedroom. Crossing the traditional boundaries of the furniture, a unique product contains modern technology components such as computers, console game, video and home-theatre system, that leaving the various contexts they typically belong at home and outside find an unusual place in the bed. Inside Hi-Can you will be so immersed on the sound, surrounded by images, from scenery and charming atmosphere that you will experience a special relax each time.

At home, in a hotel room or in a yacht, Hi-Can is able to dialogue with all environments both from an aesthetic and technological point of view, thanks to the built-in home automation system that interfaces the bed with any appliances the room is equipped. In a hotel through the bed you can choose movies or documents from a server-database and interact directly with the reception, discovering for example the menu of the day, information about nightlife or the theaters and museums more attractive in town. A holiday on a boat takes the features of a dream, cuddled in the morning light that filters through the curtains of the bed. Even the long days of convalescence in bed are more pleasant, thanks to its fun and at the same time protective and functional nature.

Designed by Italian designer Edoardo Carlino in 2007, protected by international patent, comes out from a research project developed in cooperation with University of Calabria by Detamobili. Now distributed by Hi-Interiors, created as high-tech spin-off from Detamobili. The product was named “i-bed” or “playing bed” by the internet community, the “Ferrari of beds ” by the press, generating great enthusiasm and curiosity over the international markets. These successes were added to the selection of Hi-Can for WT Village, a prestigious event combined with Well-Tech Award, an international recognition for technological innovation that rewards excellence of materials, products and technologies together with R&D commitment of more innovative firms.

The Slide Chair by Evan Dublin

Designed by Evan Dublin, this brightly-hued slide chair is sure to give any room a brilliant pop of color. The Slide Chair was built from a reclaimed slide component found at a new york city salvage yard,and offers a new playful outlook on the classic wing-back chair. The whimsical stature of the chair offers a great secluded area for reading and relaxing for children of all ages.

Here are a few words about this project from Evan Dublin :

When looking for inspiration for this project I began by searching for materials at salvage yards. I was looking for something reclaimed, some kind of inspiring material or component that would offer a problem for me to solve. As soon as I visited Build It Green in Astoria, Queens I saw something inspiring, a large yellow jungle gym slide. What I found most exciting about the slide was the playful qualities that we already associate with the form, color and material. I was drawn to the concept of domesticating the plastic slide into a useful object within the home. Through developing the concept I realized the form language lent itself to a wing-back chair. Instead of completely modernizing it I wanted to hold onto classic details that would translate the essence of a wing-back chair. Details like tufting, a patina finish on the hardware and class wood working for the legs. Jonas Workroom an upholstery craftsman out of midtown Manhattan offered to sponsor the project and did all of the upholstery for free.

Creative Banana Vase from Jonathan Adler

Designed by Jonathan Adler the Banana Vase measure just 6″ high and will be available starting with this month for around $48. They will be available in unglazed white or black porcelain. I don’t know what you think about this vase, but I think that is very creative and funny.

Unique Handmade Chair by Reed Hansuld

If you are a fan of unique handmade furniture then these Handmade Dining Chairs from Reed Hansuld might be something you’ll like. With their unique design this sleek chair is available in a variety of domestic and exotic hardwoods, and features double tapered laminations, and mortise and tenon joinery. Now if you were captivated by this design you might want to take a look at the price, because this chair is available at around $2000 from quite expensive for my pocket. See the entire collection of handmade furniture from Reed Hansuld here.

This seats will rock, but never fall down

Well, I have to admit that this is a really cool idea. From the first time I’ve saw this design I’ve thought that these seats will be awesome in a bar, and everybody will come to play with them. Based on the old toy weebles, this seats will rock, but never fall down. The stool “headstand” is based upon the principal of a skipjack and offers dynamic seating. Headstand turns the common ludo-pawn upside down in a surprising manner due to a unusual balance point. Not only a stool but also an object. Finally would you go to a bar with this kind of stools ?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ergonomic Office Furniture from Okamura

Japanese office furniture manufacturer Okamura cares about your back, and they do it in style. Showed off at the NY Design Week 2009, their latest collection of lower, reclined seating Luxos chairs and the new Cruise workstation are a sure bet for a “well-relaxed yet highly-concentrated condition suitable for intellectual and creative work”. Although it may not look like the workspace environment we’ve been used with, the Japanese channeled all their efforts for a better seating experience that will obviously help boost your productivity.

The Shoe Bathtub by SICIS

Brilliant, sexy and simply divine, are among the few things that define the Shoe Bahtub from Milan-based SICIS. Presented at the Salone del Mobile this spring, it looks like a nude hill. Made in Italy from very tiny glass tiles, less than a tenth of an inch each, the shoe bathtub is adorned in an artistic way with beautiful mosaic tiles that add the chic factor to your regular bath. A work of art that salutes the classic “pump” shoe, it must be the perfect addition for a woman in love with shoes, or for the style conscious. Right?

Modular Faucet from Neve

If you are looking for some innovation in your bathroom, then the modular Faucet from Neve with his tubular design will look fabulous in any modern bathroom setting however you choose to interpret it. There are not to many things to say about this simple, but very good looking and practical design, so let’s skip the text and watch the pictures.

Axo Light’s Bell Lamp

Tremendous and richly-colored, Axo Light’s Bell Lamp design is a strong accent for a tall ceiling space. Despite the fact that the light itself is clearly enormous, the strength of the light and lushness of the color allow for the Bell Lamp to have a surprisingly warm touch. A simple metal frame covered in smooth sponge fabric, the Bell Lamp actually comes in ten different colors. Aside from tall ceilings in foyers, the Bell Lamp or two may be a powerful statement in a dining room, especially the white lamp for those trying to create a warm contemporary mood with their space. Also as a precaution, due to its massive design we don’t recommend this lamp for people taller than 7 feet unless you’re living in a warehouse.

Ecofriendly iPod dock made from salvaged materials

When you look at this product for the first time you might think that this is a joke, but actually this is an ecofriendly iPod dock made from salvaged materials. The wooden music dock is made from salvaged timber with holes drilled into the log to make space for the speakers and the electronics. The elegant design and the recycled aesthetics make it desirable for all those who love to posses un-common and sustainable gadgets to refine their homes interiors.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Luxurious 23 Oakmount Drive Residence in Beverly Hills

This spectacular contemporary house is located close to the “famous”, at 23 Oakmount Drive in Beverly Hills. Rich in wood, with a striking black frame exteriro and large open spaces on the inside, it’s a dream home that charms with modern furniture, elegant furnishings and lots of natural light. Surrounded by a lot of “green” and with such amazing views over the bustling Los Angeles, you wouldn’t have to think twice why Westside Estate Agency have it for sale at $15.9 million. And did we mention the charming pool where you can get the perfect tan …

The Axor Starck ShowerCollection

Revealed at this year’s New York Design Week, Phillipe Starck’s ShowerCollection is literally the rain shower of your dreams. Design from building blocks to be easy to both use and install in your bathroom, the blocks can be individually mixed and matched to anyone’s preference. Very cyberprep-inspired in appearance, the module is free of any innecessary or gaudy frills and is shiny and efficiently mechanical in design. But the best part of this design is the shower itself, which falls onto the bather like rain water. Although this may not be the most environmentally-friend or water-efficient design of all time, it’s definitely one of the coolest and one of the few that makes me want to purchase it in a last-minute impulse buy. An impulse buy that I would absolutely not regret, by the way.