Thursday, June 25, 2009

Beautiful Pool House in Connecticut by Hariri & Hariri Architecture

This 1200 square feet structure was designed as a minimalist sculpture in the landscape. It is part of a 3.5 acre property in Connecticut. The architecture of this pool house is in contrast to the traditional architecture of the existing house yet the design sets up a dialogue between the two. The architecture of the pool house hovers over a 48′x20′ pool like a vessel in the water. On the North there is a spa and an outdoor/ indoor shower, and on the south there is a roofed veranda acting as an indoor/ outdoor dinning area with a large opening on the wall framing the landscape beyond. The area around the pool becomes a sunken courtyard paved in travertine with steps and walls of stone. The interior of this pool house contains a living/ entertainment room, kitchen and bar area, simple bathroom and variety of terraces and decks. It is enclosed by series of metal and glass sliding panels that would allow the structure to be transparent and open up towards outside.

A wall of green mosaic tiles cover the wet areas ( both inside and out side showers) and becomes part of the main composition of the facade bringing color and tactility to the place. The main frame and the ceiling of the structure are in Ipd Wood ( brazilian walnut ) and make the place warm, nautical and sculptural at the same time. The wood floors stretch out from the interior hovering over the pool and becoming a deck for reflecting and simply sitting around and putting your toes in the water. This structure is located in Wilton, CT and is was completed in 2007 by Hariri & Hariri Architecture.

Decorative wall clock for DIY Fans : Radius Wall Clock

The WALL CLOCK RADIUS is a decorative wall clock for DIY fans.The amazing gimmick: you have free choice of setting the dimensions of the clock. That means you can place the 12 time dots closer or more distant to the clock hands. Just as it crosses your mind. Let the whole wall become a giant time indicator or grant only a small corner to the clock. You see, there is the right proportion for any kind of space you have. The length of the hands is the only thing that is predetermined – 46 and 40cm long respectively, whereas everything else is open to choice.

Space Saving Solution : New Concept Table for Kitchen and Studio

The New Concept Table is a piece of contemporary furniture of Italian design, the innovation dreamed from everyone looking for space-saving solution. The table folded is a very compact decorative panel: the folding leg let the table close completely to a three centimeters board; it pops-up easily for additional working or dining surface. The table is wall mounted, always available there is no need to store it away. The foldable table can be realized with different finishes. The tabletop can be laminated, lacquered or wood, it may integrates with the existing furniture. The board could be painted as the wall colour and really disappear or could be a decorative element with design or imaginative shapes. This design comes in two models: kitchen and studio.

The “Kitchen model” has the FastLeg structures placed at 30 cm from the tabletop sides. This foldable table model allows to be comfortably seated on the table sides. This model is the solution when the table is mainly used for breakfast and for dining.

The “studio model” has the FastLeg structures placed at 10 cm from the tabletop sides. This collapsible table model is the solution for people that will use the table mainly while sitting on the front side like working with the computer, studying or drawing.

The new concept foldable table is based on FastLeg, a stainless steel patented mechanism. FastLeg is extremely compact, disappears in the table groove, and yet has a strong structure that allows the table to hold safely up to 300 pounds. FastLeg locks automatically the table when it reaches the working position and allows the closing by simply pulling a button.

The Contemporary-Style 23” Balboa Corner Glass Vessel Sink Vanity

Modern bathroom design has been steadily transitioning into a “simple is better” mentality over the last decade, and bathroom vanities have been following a similar trend. Take, for instance, the 23” Balboa corner vanity. Simultaneously striking and subtle in its design, the Balboa does seem to attract attention. But that’s the interesting thing about it: the Balboa doesn’t really try to attract attention. Modern vanities tend to maximize your space, at the cost of sacrificing all those extraneous design flourishes. It should be noted that most modern bathroom vanities are very eye-catching despite their simple design, and the Balboa is no exception. Its wedge-shaped countertop is made from clear tempered glass, and its round edge is very smooth. The shape and choice of material for this vanity is very effective, and the Balboa will really draw attention to any corner it’s installed in.

The Balboa is a wall mounted bathroom vanity, which adds to its visual appeal but also gives you plenty of leg room (or storage space) underneath the countertop. The Balboa is not equipped with shelving space, as is the trend with many contemporary bathroom vanities. This means if you’re an organization fanatic, you may want to find a vanity that better suits your needs. A towel rack is provided, however, and the built-in vessel sink does leave some countertop space for your toiletries. Overall, the Balboa is a great example of modern design principles in the contemporary bathroom, and its relatively low cost (about $480 at Bathgems) makes it a fine addition to any home. You can find more information about this product by clicking here.

Luna’s C30 Volvo Chair

The first place winner for the “Volvo For Life Design Awards,” designer Luis Luna’s C30 Volvo Chair is actually inspired by the back tail light on the Volvo C30… in fact, from the side you can even see where the light would be in the circular ottoman! Interesting and adaptable, the C30 Chair is built so that the ottoman and magazine rack disappear into the original chair design or can be easily pulled out to serve as complete lounge set. An amazing idea for a deck chair (especially for those with spacious and organically-design patio areas), the cleanly-design C30 Chair is clearly ideal for those who love to kick back in style, and the images taken with the cosmopolitan are a clear signal. Just don’t spill your drink, the C30 was designed sustainably from cardboard.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Cullen House from Twilight – The Hoke House

A few months ago everybody was crazy about a movie called Twilight. Twilight is a love story movie between a human and a vampire. They’re modern vampires and live in a modern house. Usually I don’t speak about architecture in the movies here on Freshome, but when I saw the movie I really liked that house, and that’s why I’ve decided to post it today. The Hoke House was designed by architect Jeff Kovel via ‘Skylab Architecture’ it’s 4300 squares, built by Metcalf Construction, with Lucy Metcalf as the interior designer and landscaper. The house was designed for Nike executive John Hoke and his family and appeared in the film Twilight. Hoke really liked the idea of his house being used as the home to a family of sophisticated vampires and allowed filming to proceed in both the interiors and exteriors. Because of his profession, members of the production team dubbed the structure the “Nike House.” The Cullen house is supposedly located just outside of Forks, WA.

A different way to store your books : Book Porcupine by Holly Palmer

Designed by British designer Holly Palmer to sit beside your chair, this shelving unit has three different sizes of compartment to accommodate books of varying sizes. With 18 compartments in various sizes for storing your favourite books, the Book Porcupine is a product that is based on the idea of negative spaces. The compartments are the books negative representations made permanent in the structure of the unit. The name of the “Book Porcpine” is give in reference to its silhouette, the stout legs against the spines of the books sticking out at various angles and degrees.Unfortunately it costs £1750, I can say that this is a very high price especially in these hard economic times.

Hand silkscreened giant condom pillows

So you want a creative pillow in your bed ? Check out these colorful pillows that are cushy and promote safe sex. The pillow is handmade and it is 100 times bigger than a regular condom package. At the inside, it features a “happy condom” hand-printed pattern and two pockets (one use to hold usual condoms while the other one holds a giant size fabric condom). At the moment they are sold out, but it is sure that many guys would love to have this on their bed of love making. Found on Etsy.

Gallop’s Black Apartment Designed by Stefan Boublil

The converted locker rooms of the first YMCA in the United States ( see more here ), Cindy Gallop’s “Black Apartment” was designed by New York-based creative agency “The Apartment.” Highly ornate, down to the last detail, this is an amazing retrofit that seems to have deliberately retained a lot of the general layout used by the youth group, and built on that theme with luxury items, higher-quality materials and a stronger, darker color scheme. In fact, the open and flowing quality of the interior space seems perfectly suited for those strong accents, whether they be wide sofas, smooth, reflective chandeliers, or large works of religious art. The balance between modern and classic elements is absolutely perfected in the Black Apartment, and serves as a fantastic testament to the strengths of designer Stefan Boublil and his team at “The Apartment.” – visit their website for more.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mikhailov’s Edge Desk

Ontario, Canada-based designer Alexi Mikhailov developed the sleek and hyper-streamlined Edge Desk: a table design straight out of our ultramodern cyberprep fantasies. Especially geometric with powerful, curvilinear angles as its foremost features, the Edge Desk is clearly intended to tug at the heartstrings of progressive contemporary designers among us. The Edge Desk would be a fantastic, non-burdensome addition to a live/work space; especially, a wide, open loft area or a creative apartment office for your design and drafting efforts for example. Just imagine how productive you’d become if you sat down at a table as streamlined as the Edge Desk! Well, we can all dream at least. - Visit the wesite.