Friday, May 22, 2009

Pb Elemental Designs 3 Homes in 1, in Seattle

An amazing example of Contemporary Residential Architecture, the talented folks from Pb Elemental managed to build three homes into one. Of course the concept is not new, but their approach is. Located in Seattle’s South Park area, the modern tri-level home features a facade clad in warm cedar wood and contemporary white and grey aluminum panels. It covers 3,720 sqm of contemporary spaces and accommodates for a progressive lifestyle. The only issue is to make sure you’re in good terms with the other people living with you, right?

Exquisite W Hotel in New York by BBG-BBGM

What are the key elements that you look for when searching for a hotel? Good location, cheap prices or a stylish interior that gets the eye? Well if it’s the latter what about a look at the W New York, a prestigious Manhattan hotel. With guestrooms and suites recently renovated by Hong-Kong based architecture firm BBG-BBGM to feature soothing colors and textures inspired by nature, the five-star hotel is conceived as an urban oasis. Sweating the adrenaline and energy of a bustling city, the rooms are all enhanced by the alluring angles created by a stunning array of futuristic furnishings. We dig!

Modern House in Tempe, Arizona

A stylish addition to the landscape in Tempe, Arizona, this modern house is a stunning site-specific design that seamlessly blends art and entertainment. Work of talented architects from Chen + Suchart Studio, the linear structure completely integrates with the surrounding scenery. With black steel beams and an elegant wooden facade that charms from every angle you look at it, the custom house also manages to “bury” a small pool where you can hide from the hot sun. It could be yours for a good $1.2 million if you can afford it …

Casa Gutierrez in El Salvador by P&P Architects

Specially designed for a recently married young couple in El Salvador, Casa Gutierrez has the exquisite feel of a contemporary home with traditional spaces. Designed by P&P Architects, there’s a Salvadoran kitchen, a large living room with floor to ceiling glass windows and a small terrace in the front that gives the feeling of living outdoors. Promoting natural light during the day and turning into a gorgeous lit home at night, it’s perfect both for a family or a young bachelor. Another party-perfect home?

Contemporary Vanities - Solace Bathroom Vanity

Installing a modern bathroom vanity is a great way to remodel your bathroom, or resuscitate a boring bathroom design. Many contemporary vanities, much unlike their traditional counterparts, feature a minimalist (“bare bones”) aesthetic that is often quite striking in its simplicity and beauty. Of course, some of these vanities just end up looking trashy. Today, some of the most popular and common vanities are manufactured with steel or chrome and glass. Again, this is a nod to minimalist art, and the philosophy that sometimes less is more. Which brings us to the 35” Solace Bathroom Vanity. Like many modern vanities, the Solace is wall-mounted. The solace features sturdy chrome construction and, as with most modern vanities, features a very sparse look. But just because it is simple, do not assume that it is unattractive. In fact, the simplicity of the Solace’s design is one of its more endearing qualities.

The countertop is glass, and it supports a glass countertop vessel sink and a towel rack. The glass is available in four colors: amber, blue, frosted (a sort of light blue), and grey. The Solace has one shelf beneath the countertop for storage, so if you are a serious organizer by nature, this may not be the vanity for you. The shelf should give you plenty of room to organize your toiletries and hygienic products, but the fact that these are clearly visible (as the Solace does not have cabinet doors) may be a bit deterring for some designers and homeowners. The shelf is approximately 30” wide, as opposed to the countertop which is 35” wide. The entire vanity stands at about 20” in height, though this may change depending on the faucet you choose to install. It should be noted that the Solace and the faucet are sold separately, which is an important budget consideration. The Solace is a relatively affordable vanity though, with a price tag of about $650 and you can get it from here.

Overall, the Solace is a very charming contemporary vanity at a very reasonable price. It won’t be worth your time if you have a lot of bathroom stuff to organize, nor will it serve you particularly well if the bathroom sees a lot of traffic everyday from multiple users (look into a double bathroom vanity for that). But for a simple and endearing bathroom vanity that fits nicely into bathrooms of any size, consider the Solace a very good option.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Private House in Chihuahua, Mexico

What do you do if you live in a place where temperatures go down to -10C during winters and over 40C in the summer? How about a private house like this one in Chihuahua? Developed by Mexican-based architects from Productora, the house is part of a golf club community in the desert, northern part of the country. Hence why it’s partially buried into the mountain slope to take advantage of the soil’s thermal mass. When looked from the outside it’s perceived as a single height volume, but when you get inside things change. Organized around a series of patios and roof openings that provide light and ventilation, the interior is minimalist styled with contemporary furniture and large open spaces. An amazing concept, isn’t it?

Another Swedish Apartment that Looks Stunning

With an eye for the stylish Swedish white, we at Freshome blush when something new comes up from real estate site Alvhem. Those guys always seem to find amazing apartments that trigger our emotions and makes us go ‘wow’. This time it’s nothing different. A white wonderland and a brilliant way of bringing in the black that apartment is nothing short of infectious, dangerous - in a good way. Gorgeous is simply an understatement.