Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sleek and Sizzling Interiors from West Chin Team

West Chin, his wife Roseann Repetti and his team of designers like to give the rooms and homes that they conjure up and create a sensuous and sexy look that is in line with the modern minimalist trends. Opting for the sweeping and untainted white interiors, sleek furniture and a sophisticated space-age look, the interiors here use aesthetic accessories and dramatic lighting to accentuate their beauty. With simple straight lines, contrasting shades and a philosophy that preaches ‘less is more’ the designs of West Chin are perfect for a world that craves for such uncomplicated designs. With simple use of wood, stone and glass, they have given shape to many a beauty!

La Belle Vie Estate – Lavish living at it’s best

Want to live like a king, then what about the La Belle Vie residence on St. Cloud Road in Los Angeles. Majestic in every sense of the word, the house is luxuriously spread over 35000 sq feet, has 9 bedrooms and 21 bathrooms (great ratio, eh?). Elegant is an understatement when you describe the interiors – it has flawless marble floors, crystal studded chandeliers, marvelous huge curtains and drapes all across, long winding staircases and a huge pool along. Owned by Iris Cantor, the house is on the market for $53 million at the moment, which makes it suited only for the rich and famous. A dream palace?

GR House: Stunning personal sanctuary in the heart of Sao Paulo

Nestled in the bustling frenzy of Sao Paulo, Brazil, the GR House looks like anything but a congested living space located in a populous urban setting. This luxury home designed and built by Bernardes Jacobsen Architecture is engulfed in a lush green private park that soothes your senses and transports you into an atmosphere that is akin the thick Amazonian jungles. The interiors are open, stylish and crafted in line with the modern minimalist trends. Extensive use of glass, white marble and timber ensures plenty of natural lighting and a home that blends seamlessly with its surroundings. This is one prime property that brings nature to your doorstep with ease!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

B-99 House: A fusion between the ancient and the modern!

It is not very often that modern minimalist homes from India steal the show on a global stage, but the B-99 house looks so gorgeous that it could very well be a structure standing in the heart of Hollywood. The contemporary edifice designed by DADA Partners in Gurgaon, India welcomes you with its very unique seating area clad in glass and sporting a trademark metal ‘V’ supporting the upper floor.

With a staircase that forms the focus of the home, large wooden interiors and posh accessories; B-99 sports an ultra-fashionable look. Yet, the extensive courtyards, and the placing of the living room, kitchen, dining space and other areas of the home show that the ancient Indian art of design called ‘Vastu’ has been still followed meticulously. When it comes to a fusion of the old east with the modern west, B-99 wins hands down!

Edge House: Mobius Architects Creates an Oddity With Its Creativity

When it comes to design, working within the conventions of law in certain situations can throw up some pretty unconventional design and the Edge House falls right into that genre. The challenge that Poland-based Mobius Architects faced was to build a modern home on an excavated limestone hillside in Krakow and they came up with a design that sports a front elevation which is both unique and eye-catching. The design works within the local building norms which do not permit roofs with less than 30 degree slopes and while the construction has already started, it will be a sight to behold when it sees completion in a year’s time… Truly one-of-a-kind!

Stepping up to a wealth of knowledge: Shelving your prized possessions in style

If you are a bookworm or someone who loves to collect books, magazines and other wisdom-offering treats, then this simple, yet ergonomic home must please you to no end! The owner of this space obviously could not dedicate a whole room to create a personal library, so instead they went the smart way and turned their staircase into a storage space for all those copies. Just leaving enough space to stride up and down the steps comfortable, the wall adjacent to the stairway sports a giant storage space with loads of books. The white walls, the comforting couch, the orange lining and the art work just add more beauty to this smart and savvy approach!

A world of luxury and scenic beauty: Hot home in the heart of Brisbane!

When it comes to great ocean views, spectacular interiors and a prime property that connects you to the heart of one of the world’s most cosmopolitan hangouts, there are probably few homes on the planet that will rival this stunning and simply vivacious luxury home on the coast of Brisbane, Australia. Currently for sale via Judy Goodger, this lavish delight is set on the banks of Redcliffe Peninsula and sports multiple floors which offer unobstructed view of the ocean, floor-to-ceiling glass windows that make it a part of the surroundings, ergonomic and automated interiors, a home theatre and various other accessories designed to pamper your senses. With an inviting pool and the laid back atmosphere, this is one deal that you cannot let slip through your fingers (if you can afford of course)!