Friday, June 19, 2009

The Hilltop House by Safdie Rabines

A stunning design, with a lovely garden, mind blowing views, extraordinary interiors, lavish furnishing, a pool to relax in, this breathtaking hilltop house is located just north of San Diego. Extremely spacious and with energy saving features (to not worry about heating and cooling in changing seasons), all these make it not just a dream house but a true delight in every aspect. We love the shiny tiles and those wooden accents on the inside and more importantly the way it looks at night with all those lights … A brilliant design by Safdie Rabines!

The Hex Sofa by Nonsigner

Designed by “Nosigner” the Hex Sofa is a sofa which has a sharp shape like a mineral ore being inspired by hexagonal crystal. By being wrapped by plywood, it has a side table on the edge of the sofa and the sloped shoulders of the sofa work as armrests. When you have a sofa like this you can replace a side table, but I’d be careful because I might injure myself from time to time.

Skid Row by Philippe Malouin

Designed by Philippe Malouin the “Skid Row” will be part of his exhibition ‘unusual context’ for nextlevel gallery in paris. The chair is made from bent steel tubing, perforated birch balls, and elastic shock cord. When the user sits down, the wooden balls rearrange and contour the shape of his or her body. Philippe malouin’s work combines a certain element of humor, with both conceptual and functional language. To be honest when I first saw this piece of furniture I’ve thought that those balls are actually eggs.

Multi-layer Toliet Seat : Clever or Not ?

In households in which men and women live together, using the toilet can become a problem, especially for women. But to solve this problem Jan Ctvrtnik decided to end the battle of the bathroom with a functional design, simple, original and very practical. I’m pretty sure that womens will love this product, and will want to buy it right away. The bad part is that at the moment this is just a conceptual model. What do you think ? Is this a clever idea or not ?

Gemma Ahern Apartment Renovation – Cost Effective Designing

We’ve just been allowed a sneak peek in Gemma Ahern’s renovated (from scratch) apartment. It’s a complete makeover with stylish furnishings and accessories that costed just a bit over $10,000. She definitely managed to impress us with the terrific work, given the budget. With quirky show pieces, varied hues, use of mix-and-match in styles and colors –- they all makes up for a very modern yet elegant style. One of the msot interesting features is the bookcase wallpaper which gives a very casual and lounge-like look and feel. Inspiration eh?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Modern Vanity Bathtub by Mastella

Designed by Mastella this new Vanity Bathtub is an awesome for any contemporary bathroom. This unique bathtub design boasts soft, organic curves inspired by nature’s most-perfect form – the egg – complemented by a flat edge making it ideal for practical wall placement without sacrificing style. Pictured here in white, this minimalist bathroom essential is easy to dress down or up – imagine sinking back into this baby with a glamorous chandelier suspended overhead. For more informations about this modern bathtub check Mastella website.

The Pooktre Tree Chair Looks Like a Chair from a Fairy Tale

What you are going to see in the next post is a piece of furniture that looks like it just appeared from a fairy tale, but is in fact the product of an ingenious method of tree shaping developed by a couple of artists at Pooktre! The idea first came about over 20 years ago when Peter “Pook” Cook, a free-spirited entrepreneur living in the mountains of Australia, wondered if it would be possible to grow his own chairs. Unaware of anyone else practicing tree shaping in the world, Pook toyed with this idea for years, conducting numerous experiments with various gardening methods and tree types while recording his observations. Eventually, in 1996 his experiments and collaboration with his partner Becky Northey led to the development of a system of tree shaping he dubbed “Pooktre.” To find more about this visit Pooktre website.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Modern White Beach House by Richard Meier in South California

What you see in here is a breathtaking beach house designed by Richard Meier and Michael Palladino. With the ocean on one side, the white minimalist residence seems perfect for water lovers and anyone with a taste for style and relish for natural beauty. Spread across 4,280 sq feet, the house boasts exotic interiors with mind-blowing views and a charming huge courtyard overlooking the ocean. Summer is coming and we can already imagine ourselves living for a couple of months in here. Kudos to Richard, it’s an amazing building.

Digital printing on on wall canvas cushions and classic furniture by Teo Jasmin

Teo Jasmin is an interior design company which was founded by Angéline Bailly in 2001. They started to specialize in digital printing on wall canvas but later on expanded their range of products with cushions and classic furniture, still using the same digital process on them. Ever since, Teo Jasmin never stops to amaze us for its creativity, and new collections are launched twice a year. 50s / 60s French superstar Brigitte Bardot in pop version is the highlight of their 2009 collection along with Italy, San Francisco and more Doggy Queen images. Previous and still successful collections such as the Beatles, NYC, London and Paris are still around!

Luxurious Home in London’s Holland Park

Centrally located in London’s Holland Park, amidst a variety of shops and restaurants, this luxury property is currently on sale with Foxtons. Luxurious, comfortable and just incredibly beautiful, the eco-friendly residence is set on a private gated driveway with top of the line insulation, geo thermal boreholes, Aquacycle water filtration, photovoltaic cells on the roof, breathable eco paint, recycled roofing membranes and much more. Decorated almost completely in white, this house is simple and elegant, making for an amazing dream house.